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Swimming Lessons For Kids North Miami Beach

Thinking of getting your little one a head start with the pool playtime? Training by our swimming experts has taught swimming to thousands of infants, babies, and toddlers across the country. Our swimming lessons for kids North Miami Beach prioritize teaching life-saving water safety skills first thru the infant and toddler swim program. We make learning fun and memorable, simultaneously for the little champs.

It’s always better to get the experts involved when teaching skills to the kids. Once you pair your kid with our seasoned swimming coaches, the child will be able to overcome any and every fear related to water, right there in your pool.

Significance Of Swimming Lessons For Kids North Miami Beach

As a parent, you would always put the safety of your child at the top of the list when introducing her to new activities, especially those related to water.

Did you know that newborns are natural swimmers since they spent so much time in the amniotic fluid? By the time they are four, they can sync their motions with laps and kick their legs, all of which are swimming essentials.

Teaching children about water safety measures is a significant part of their upbringing and our proper pool management. Swimming lessons for kids north Miami beach are gaining popularity with time since parents are more aware of the advantages of adding that extra layer of safety.

Our swimming program is designed to keep the kids active, increase their communication skills, learn self-rescue skills and learn how to concentrate, all the while having fun.

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Why You Should Choose Us?

1. Coaches at Swimfolks deliver swimming lessons for kids North Miami Beach. They have professional degrees in Physical Education and Lifeguard/CPR/AID/WSI Certifications.

2. Not only are Swimfolks’ Instructors experts in helping build stamina and momentum but also make water sports a fun activity with swimming lessons for kids North Miami Beach.

3. Moreover, we have experience in training 5000+ swimmers, some of whom have taken part in high-level swimming competitions. Not only that, but our instructors also have the added bonus of years of experience in the teaching industry, making them the perfect choice as swim coaches.

4. Not to mention choosing us will get you exposure to our instructors’ extensive experience in the swimming world, which boasts over 20 years in the industry. They are skilled, confident, and successful in their chosen fields and you can learn all kinds of water tactics from them!

5. Our four major competitive strokes are freestyle, butterfly, backstroke, and breaststroke. Getting lessons in these four domains is a must for everyone attending our classes, irrespective of age.

Did you know:

The current CDC report states drowning as a second leading cause of death by accidents among children aged 1 to 14 years.

With such numbers no wonder you as a parent are trying to look for your kid. Contact us and we’ll help you become the pro-active parent who wants to keep their kid out of harm’s way.

Moreover, if you are interested in swimming lessons for adults check out North Miami Swimming Lessons For Adults.

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