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Baby Swimming Lessons For Infants

Adults believe that babies are good for one thing – cuddling. Well, your baby is more talented than you think! You may wonder if your baby is too young to learn to swim, but there have been rounds of infants swimming on the internet. Yes, there is a special infant swim class that your babies can be a part of!

Infant Swim Class

The good news is infants CAN learn how to swim, and the process is fairly simple and safe. At Swim Folks Academy, we pay special attention to every baby that comes in for an infant swim class. The infant swim lesson also happens under the guidance of trained swimming instructors.


It’s Time For Your Water Baby To Be In The Pool

Did you know babies are meant to be in the pool?

We often wait for the right time to learn how to swim, but babies are natural swimmers. It doesn’t take much time to pick up swimming lessons!

Your baby will be a PRO swimmer in a few days, and you never know. They might sign up for championships as they grow older.


A Fun and Engaging Experience for Infants

That’s right! At Swim Folks Academy, our trained instructors use music and games to teach swimming to an infant.

You can bring them for an infant swim lesson when your baby turns three months. Learning to swim is highly engaging and fun for the little one.

You can also bond with them in the swimming pool if you LIKE! The next time you have a pool party and your infant has completed their swim lessons; you can join them in the pool and have a gala time.


Swim Lessons at Swim Folks Academy: The Learning Stages

  • 3 to 5 MONTHS – When your baby turns 3 months or is completing 5 months, you can bring them into our swimming class. This will be an introduction to the water where parents are allowed to bond and be together inside the water. Your baby will realize they are in a safe zone because you will be around for the first few sessions.
  • 6 to 12 Months – The baby hasn’t reached the walking stage, so they would need to come for the classes with their parents. The lessons during this stage will be focused on cognitive and physical development. Your child will finally start enjoying the process, and it will also boost their brain function.
  • 12 to 35 months – Your baby has finally started working, and they are exploring the world around them. This is when they enter the swimming pool only once they get a thumbs up from their parents. The swim lesson will be targeted toward teaching the child how to wait and look out for directions from an adult.
  • 24 to 35 months – The child goes into the water without parental guidance. They will be exploring the waters with a mate or an instructor. However, parents can be around during the session to ensure their child is safe. It will also be a time to witness your child’s progress.


Swim Folks Academy truly enjoys teaching infants how to be comfortable in the water. It’s a life-saving skill, so you must start early and let your infant enjoy the process.

Enroll in an infant swim class now! We will ensure that the process is safe, engaging, and a true bonding experience for all!

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